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Check it out here: www.tinascafelincoln.com


At a very early age, Sue Mueller-Green was “crackin eggs” on the family farm near Plymouth, Nebraska. Her was passion was engrained from an early age similar to her mother, Tina. “It will be 24 years in business, come October”, says Sue.  Tina’s Cafe and Catering located on 6th and South Street in Lincoln, Nebraska, in what used to be called ‘The White Elephant’, has now blossomed into one of Lincoln’s premier diners and hot spots for home cooking. Not to mention the absolute best specials in town.


“We started out providing food for a race car banquet, and they liked it so much we decided to open our own place.”, says Sue, now owner of Tina’s. Sue was experienced in catering early on, and tying in her mother Tina’s recipes felt natural.

All the recipes are homemade, including the famous ‘Tina’s Cinnamon Rolls’. During the recent holiday, the calls came rolling in for pre-orders. Throughout the year, businesses reserve cinnamon rolls by the hundreds. Trust me, they are special. Not only size, but in flavor. The roll is unique. TINABut, what is even more unique is the metal bowl in which they are made. Sue jokingly says it dates back to the Mayflower. It’s certainly seen it’s days. They call it “The Pan”. Tina kneads and rolls her own dough directly from “The Pan”, meticulously, with no mixer. Tina bakes and Sue cooks. That’s the way it’s done, with magic from a mother and a daughter.

The stories are a plenty with Sue and the staff, going back to the early 90’s when they opened the family diner. And, if you stop in and sit at the counter, I am sure you’ll hear a few on a daily basis. The atmosphere is brilliantly vintage, with race track stars adorning the wall, a small tv playing soap operas, and friendly neighbors talking news. It all just makes sense when you take your first bite of the juiciest burger in town. If you happen upon Tina’s Cafe accidentally, you will feel like you found a gold brick. And, if you tell a friend about Tina’s? Well, you might just make it in a story someday.

Breakfast served until 11am , homemade Lunch specials, sandwiches, burgers, and baskets. Tina’s is a place for good, wholesome down-home cookin’. Period.