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Mike Semrad

Our fearless leader. Mike is a creative through and through. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wondrous rockabilly wife and two beautiful children. He also puts out records with his label Sower Records and loves to organize music festivals. 

Rhett McClure

Rhett McClure is our video and camera technical God. Helping with long-form and short video creation, Rhett has had a long career in video creation. He also has a great eye for editing, and runs his own project called Vizzyness in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Mark Turner

Mark is the ultimate tech master. Mark is our software and mobile app specialist, as well as our ‘User Experience/User Interface’ backend designer. What Mark brings to Red Rebel is top shelf development and code wizardry.

Kerry Semrad

Mike’s wonderful wife assists Red Rebel Media with strategic and thought-provoking ideas, as well as the all important book keeping and back-end wizardry. 

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